Thursday, July 21, 2022

Six Ways to Write a Love Letter by Jackson Pearce [Book Review]


Six Ways to Write a Love Letter 
By Jackson Pearce 

 This one is for all of my fellow T. Swift fans! 

I loved pretty much everything about this book! It has everything, rock and roll, celebrity relationships, forced proximity, and the sweetest love story! 

I’m not going to lie and say the references to T. Swift aren’t everywhere. Vivi is fictional… but she is highly Taylor-Esque right down to her cherry red lipstick. I loved her character and I loved the way Jackson Pearce showed the lonely side of celebrity, especially from the view of Vivi’s super celebrity. In fact, my one complaint is that I would have liked to have had alternating chapters with Vivi’s POV as I would have loved to see her world through her eyes. 

This story is told by Remy, our drummer/producer/good guy who goes on tour at last minute and ends up falling for the star. 

The slow build to their relationship felt believable and I was so invested to watching their feelings develop that I couldn’t stop reading. 

This book had no spice, it was closed door, but the relationship was so sweet and well done I loved it anyway. ❤️

If you’re a Swifty, get this book ASAP. If you’re not a Swifty you’ll still love it. 

I recommend this one to anyone who loves the celebrity relationship trope, sweet romances, and Taylor Swift. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!
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