Sunday, February 2, 2014

College, Longings, and Bilbo Baggins

Yes, yes, it has been a while, but once again I meet you here.

Wherever here is.

Currently I am finding myself nearing my senior year of college and I am suddenly struck with this agonizing fear.

I should be studying. Yes, but more importantly, what am I doing?

As an English major with a history minor I find myself asking all of the questions I should have asked a year ago. Should I have not minored in Communications and history? Should I have minored in Business? Why can't I just like Science?

 I hear people talking about their journalism dreams and publishing plans and I'm here saying, "Well... I have a better understanding of literary texts!"

I want to work as a journalist or in publishing... or just doing anything that surrounds me with the written word.

Graduate school is in my future. I feel it.

Books have always been my solace, which is why here I am... on my book review website. Speaking of my college woes, but really, I miss the written word more than I can explain.

With school and work, I find myself never having time to sit and write anymore. I couldn't tell you the last time I was able to lose myself in a book for hours.

I think this might be my problem. I've allowed me to lose myself.

I found myself working so hard towards getting a future job that I would love that I forgot how to be happy now.

Who does that?

Life caught up with me and here I am, between an English major and a longing to feel a real book in my hands again.

As Bilbo Baggins would say, "I want to see mountains again, mountains Gandalf!"

So, mountains are what I'm looking for.

I'm going to write, and read, and maybe look up job opportunities for the English major and history/comm minor combo for the millionth time.

I'm telling you, nothing is scarier than the future.

Blog world - it feels nice to be back.

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